Hiroshima Free

by Mr. Busaichedelic San

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Hanami Tour Vol. 3: Hiroshima Free

Hwaah. I had a good sleep. What a beautiful day! I can see the mountains clearly.

Wow, nice wind!

Oh, I remember dad and mama aren't at home today. Well, I'm free today. What should I do?

Oh, yes, I remembered one day mama had said it would be nice to have a bench in the garden. So, I'll make it! I've watched dad carpentering as a do-it-yourselfer many times. And also there is more than enough purposeless lumber in the stockroom. That's nothing! Maybe all I have to do is measure, saw and drive nails, following the instructions. I should be good to my parents once in a while.

Well, I'll borrow dad's home carpentry kit.

Oh, well, there are some gaps between the boards....

Why, this clatters heavily. What! One of the legs looks too short. Really? Oh, yeah, maybe it would be OK if I saw shorter the other three legs.

Oops! Looks like I've done too much! Bless me. Why in the world am I so clumsy? I get tired and sleepy...

Ah, it's getting dark. What did I do today?

Oh, yeah, it's a good idea to convert the bench to duckboards, isn't it? I wonder if mama is glad about it.

ファ〜。良く寝たな.すげえいい天気! 山がめっちゃきれい。


そうか、今日お父もお母もいねえんだったよな。 今日はオレも暇だし… 何かやることないかな?

そうだ! お母いつか、庭に一つベンチがあったらいいねえたんて言ってたから、それ作ろう! お父が日曜大工でいろいろ作るの見てたし、物置にいらない木が腐るほどあるし、簡単だよ。指示通りに測って切って釘打ちゃいいんだろ? たまには親孝行しねえとな。



えー、なんかすげえガタつくなあ。足が一本短すぎたかな。マジかよ? ああ、ほかのを切ればいっか。

やっべー、やり過ぎたみたいだなあ。 ウ〜ン…なんでオレって、こう不器用なんだろ? なんか疲れたなあ。 眠くなってきたよ。
あれ? 薄暗くなってきたなあ。 オレ、一日何やってたんだろ?



released April 2, 2012

Mr. G: Everything
Mr. S: Everything Else
Mr. Kimura: Everything and More

Produced by Mr. Busaichedelic San
Recorded by S. Shah at R
Engineered by Mr. Busaichedelic San
Artwork by S. Shah



all rights reserved


Mr. Busaichedelic San 名古屋市, Japan

Established 2002: "Tingling numbness felt in a spiritual dream" -HiromiTada; A Mini festival with no prior knowledge; Produce lullabies for neurotics; "This band forms weekly, doing something different each time. I don't get it, but The Busaichedelic Musical was far-out!" -TravelAir; Transmit limited edition layered overloads; There is something decidedly medieval about MrBS ... more

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