Koenji Station

by Mr. Busaichedelic San

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Inspired by their triumphant return to live performance at Muryoku Muzenji in Tokyo's Koenji disctrict during the autumn of 2006, following 2 years of relative inactivity, Mr. Busaichedelic San nearly released what would be their 7th CDR, but instead held the tracks until online marketing was feasible. This period also saw the end of the Bruce Lee Studio where their prolific work had catapulted them somewhere near the outskirts of the Nagoya underground's underground. Byebyebee L was composed for the closing ceremony on this little known piece of Nagoya music history. As one door closes another opens so with a supporting cast assembled by Muzen Kan San and new member, Mr. W, Mr. Busaichedelic San suck in all of the Tokyo, Koenji energy like a musical black hole and send it flying into a parallel universe.


released June 24, 2011

Produced by Mr. G, Mr. S, Mr. W
with Muzen Houshi's Cast of Muryoku Muzenji



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Mr. Busaichedelic San 名古屋市, Japan

Established 2002: "Tingling numbness felt in a spiritual dream" -HiromiTada; A Mini festival with no prior knowledge; Produce lullabies for neurotics; "This band forms weekly, doing something different each time. I don't get it, but The Busaichedelic Musical was far-out!" -TravelAir; Transmit limited edition layered overloads; There is something decidedly medieval about MrBS ... more

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Track Name: Koenji Station
Head's up this Busaichedelic Nation
This Busaichedelic Nation 
is in the school of mountains

Busai! ブサイ!
A new reign of the hand of greatness

In otherwords
many things that have notta been spoken
by this ancient city of man
and a maketh the men shine to ray unto gamelon
when they know that I who philistine tirade

It shall be said that this man was born
he of the feet of sid and mini chimms in the highest
himself shall extablish a place of earth
a Busaichedelic Nation

Yes Sir

Nation, nation
Nations, nations

Uchu, 宇宙
Uchu ha doko desho ka

Uchu, uchu

Woo! Yeah!

Yeah! Oh!
Thank You! Thank You!

Uchu, uchu

Uchu ha doko ka

Love, love, love, love, love

Muryoku, muryoku, muryoku, muryoku, muryoku

Ahh.... Sukkiri Shta
アァ… すっきりした

Are you done?
Are you ready?
You want more?
Say you want more
Want more!
Where we at? Where we at? Where we at?

That's better, that's better, that's better

Track Name: Bye Bye Bee L
Bye Bye