Three Strange Quarks

by Ω

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Hanami Tour Vol. 6: Three Strange Quarks

I can see a beigeish scene. Is the reason that the scene is beigeish because my memories haze? No, it doesn't seem so. That's because of a cloud of dust. When it had been laid, soap bubbles appeared. The numberless bubbles are being produced one after another from a stick blew by a man.

A young man next to him is forming various things like rabbits, octopuses, Doraemon and so on, using balloons of various colors. He finishes his work very quickly, blowing up the balloons and twisting them together. It excites the grown-ups and the children of the spectators. Several kites are also displayed with the balloons. When the sun declined almost all the balloons and the kites had already sold except a big cicada kite and two other works. A cloud of dust was raised again. The cicada kite was blown up higher and higher in the sky because its string had been untied from the restraint. The kite was floating plaintively, going up and down for a long while near the windows of a building in the far distance.

About one month after, I saw a cicada kite with its notched wings was flying in the sky at a kite-fling meet. I wonder if they might have been the same cicada.


その隣では、おにいさんが色とりどりの風船でいろいろな物を作っている。 うさぎ、たこ、ドラえもん…。風船同士ねじってくっつけたり膨らませたり。 あっという間に仕上げて、集まっている大人や子供達を沸かせている。風船に混じって凧も少し。日が傾く頃には殆どの風船や凧は売れてしまって、残っているのは大きな蝉の凧と、あと二つ。また砂埃が上がる。蝉の凧糸が外れて空高く舞い上がった。 そして遠く離れたビルの窓のあたりを、上下にふわふわと物悲しげにしばらくの間漂っていた。



released April 8, 2012

Also represented as unobserved triple charmed Ωccc when Ω isn't permitted as a single non-alphabetic character.

Mrs K: violin
Mr. Shoo: guitar
Mr. S: bass
Mr. 13: drums

Produced by Mr. F and Mr. BS
Recorded by Mr. S at Huck Finn



all rights reserved


Mr. Busaichedelic San 名古屋市, Japan

Established 2002: "Tingling numbness felt in a spiritual dream" -HiromiTada; A Mini festival with no prior knowledge; Produce lullabies for neurotics; "This band forms weekly, doing something different each time. I don't get it, but The Busaichedelic Musical was far-out!" -TravelAir; Transmit limited edition layered overloads; There is something decidedly medieval about MrBS ... more

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