Yokohama 6

by Mr. Busaichedelic San

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Hanami Tour Vol. 5: Yokohama 6

They say there is an old bamboo grove deep in the mountains far from human habitation. It is said that if you step into it, you will find all the underbrush mown, nobody knows who tends the grove, though, and feel a kind of spirit from the bamboo growing straight and powerful which create a majestic atmosphere throughout the grove. They say there is a big round open space spread evenly all over by the fallen bamboo leaves.

There is a rumor that some people dance in the space until dawn only at full moon, windy nights, creating a magnificent atmosphere by the sound effect of the rustling of the bamboo leaves. They say curious people come to see the dance. T hear that the people see different types of dance every time. Some people say women in kimono and woven hats were dancing, some say Mongolian-like warriors were dancing with their swords, some say lots of katana were crossing and dancing in the air, they couldn't find the owners, though and others say the dancers were foxes with tenugui, and so on.

They say it's a mystery where the dancers come from and to back.



満月の、風のある夜にだけ、そこで夜明けまで踊りが踊られるという。 踊りと竹のザワザワいう音がよく合って、とてもいい雰囲気が醸し出されている、そんな噂を聞きつけて、物好きな人達がわざわざやって来るのだとか。 けれどもいつも踊りは違っていて、着物を着いて笠をかぶった女の人が踊っていたとか、昔のモンゴルの戦士のような人が剣をもって踊っていた、あるいは持っている人は見えず刀だけが交わったり宙を舞ったりしていた、はたまた狐が手ぬぐいを持って踊っていたとかいろいろあるのだそうな。



released April 7, 2012

Mr. G: Everything
Mr. S: Everything Else
Ms. Yama Ori: Origami
Ms. Tani Ori: Origami
Mr. M: Everything and More
HRM KS I: Bengal Bounce

Produced by Mr. Busaichedelic San
Recorded by S. Shah at Shichoushitu
Artwork by S. Shah



all rights reserved


Mr. Busaichedelic San 名古屋市, Japan

Established 2002: "Tingling numbness felt in a spiritual dream" -HiromiTada; A Mini festival with no prior knowledge; Produce lullabies for neurotics; "This band forms weekly, doing something different each time. I don't get it, but The Busaichedelic Musical was far-out!" -TravelAir; Transmit limited edition layered overloads; There is something decidedly medieval about MrBS ... more

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