Yokohama Duos

by Mr. Busaichedelic San

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Hanami Tour Vol. 4: Yokohama Duos

Mr. Busaichedelic San, "Hanami Tour Vol 4: Yokohama Duos"

The sound of engines are shaking your eardrums and tires are squeaking. You hear horns crying.

He drives a motorbike at a dash as soon as he was released from the restrictions when the traffic signal had changed.

His life he has lived to date and does not want to look back over runs away backward like a revolving lantern, with the city views.

He has hurt others' feelings and himself, too, many times so far. They say because he grew up without knowing what it was to have a happy home, he must have become to be a man like that. But he does not mean to blame someone for "no great credit" he has done so far.

He could finally contract to be employed at a small back street workshop in this spring. Somehow he suddenly wanted to see his birthplace before he begins his work.

After running through lots of cities, he swerved from the national road and took a turn at every corner. At last he begins to go up a mountain path. He slowly makes an about-face at curves in the winding road touching the ground with his feet.

If only he goes cross the pass, his village should come into view. There was already a touch of darkness around.

As he approached a gentle slope, he saw something dimly white. It was a big cherry tree. The white one warmly came home to him. He felt like it was alight with candles.

"Oh, yes! I'll plant cherry trees. I will plant cherry trees one by one as the precursors did, hoping they light people's hearts and give people peace of mind. Lots of people have supported me so far. I will do something helpful to others in the future. I'll start with what I can do at first."

鼓膜を揺さぶるエンジンの音。 タイヤの軋む音。 クラクションの叫び声。

信号が変わり束縛から解き放たれると、彼は一気にバイクを走らせる。 町の風景と共に、思い出したくない彼の人生が走馬灯のように走り去る。

これまでずいぶん人を傷つけてきた。 自分自身をも。

彼は家庭の暖かさを知らずに育ったからそんな風になったのだろうと、人は言う。 しかし彼は自分の行ってきた「誉められたものでない所業」を誰かのせいにするつもりはなかった。




released April 7, 2012

Mr. G: Everything
Mr. S: Everything Else
Ms. Yama Ori: Origami
Ms. Tani Ori: Origami
Mr. M: Virtuosity
HRM KS I: Bengal Bounce

Produced by Mr. Busaichedelic San
Recorded by S. Shah at Shichoushitu
Artwork by S. Shah



all rights reserved


Mr. Busaichedelic San 名古屋市, Japan

Established 2002: "Tingling numbness felt in a spiritual dream" -HiromiTada; A Mini festival with no prior knowledge; Produce lullabies for neurotics; "This band forms weekly, doing something different each time. I don't get it, but The Busaichedelic Musical was far-out!" -TravelAir; Transmit limited edition layered overloads; There is something decidedly medieval about MrBS ... more

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